2020-07-23 | Notícias ao Minuto
Michelin Largo do Paço presents recent creations by chef Tiago Bonito
The Michelin star restaurant, Largo do Paço, located at Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux in Amarante, presents fresh and authentic flavors in chef Tiago Bonito's new tasting menus. But best of all, the restaurant will pick you up at home.
2018-12-04 | Evasões
The star of Amarante
“Chef Tiago Bonito began at Largo do Paço last year and has managed to keep the star that has distinguished this restaurante, set in Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux in Amarante, for many years. In 2019, the star remains.”
2018-12-04 | ETASTE
“Chef Tiago Bonito”
“In 2017, Tiago Bonito took over the kitchen of Largo do Paço in Amarante. For now, everything has gone for the best for the chef who, despite his Coimbra roots, spent much of his professional life in the south; in the Algarve. It is no coincidence then that he has a special passion for the sea and for everything it provides.”
2018-11-19 | Os Tais Blogue
“Fine Dining at Largo do Paço”
“In today’s world of gastronomy, less is increasingly more. Less production, more quality in the field. Fewer ingredients, better taste of each one. To speak of Tiago Bonito and of Largo do Paço is to speak of the reflection of this premise.”
2018-10-10 | ROOF
Chef Tiago Bonito’s kitchen
“Tiago Bonito is the Executive Chef at Largo do Paço, the 2004 Michelin starred restaurant which honourably occupies the charming hotel Casa da Calçada, in Amarante. The exquisite cuisine of Largo do Paço is made of stories, memories of flavors, of great and meticulous combinations.”
2018-09-01 | Lifestyle Magazine SPEND IN
Casa da Calçada is the palace of Amarante
“A XVI century palace houses one of the most traditional and reputable hotel entities in Portugal. We’re talking about Casa da Calçada hotel. An accommodation nestled in a paradise that hides one of the temples of Portuguese (‘lusa’) cuisine.”
2018-09-01 | ATITTUDE
“Chef Tiago Bonito”
“Occupying a XVI century palace overlooking the Tâmega River, the hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux, is an idyllic refuge offering memorable experiences just a few minutes from Porto. To its famed restaurant Largo do Paço, distinguished with a Michelin star, comes the addition of Canto Redondo, a more casual space open since last July and both under the command of the talented chef Tiago Bonito.”
2018-09-01 | ROOF
“A true kitchen” or “True cuisine”
“5 things you should know about the kitchen of Tiago Bonito”
2018-07-24 | ÓCIO
“Madrid Chef Óscar Velasco, comes to Portugal”
“Several Michelin starred chefs originating from Relais & Chateaux hotels in all 4 corners of the world are travelling to Amarante. “Chef d’Ouevre is an expression of French origin that means ‘an artist’s masterpiece’ and that is exactly what Chef Óscar Velasco and I are preparing for the 4th of August” says Tiago Bonito, chef of the Largo do Paço restaurant and host of this initiative.”
2018-07-23 | The Gentleman.pt
“The “Chef d’Oeuvre” event”
“The Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux hotel and Largo do Paço restaurant launch the first grand edition of the international Chef d’Oeuvre event, a dinner with a Relais & Chateaux signature that will take place at the Largo do Paço in Amarante. Through it, will pass different Michelin starred chefs originating from Relais & Chateaux hotels and restaurants in all four corners of the world.”
2018-07-18 | Mutante
“A gastronomical journey to Largo do Paço”
“The combination of flavours and vibrant colours created by Tiago Bonito is a kind of ode to Summer. At the same time, the new menu denotes the irreverence and creativity of the restaurant’s chef at the charming hotel Casa da Calçada in Amarante”
2018-07-06 | ÓCIO
“It’s raining Michelin stars in Amarante”
“If a renowned chef charms many people, two enchant many more. The executive chef of the Michelin starred restaurant at Largo do Paço, Tiago Bonito, launched the challenge to Ricardo Costa: to create a “four-handed” menu. The executive chef of the Yeatman Hotel’s Michelin starred restaurant didn’t hesitate to accept and will be the first guest at this unprecedented gastronomic event.”
2018-07-05 | FAIRE
“The first edition of “Par e Paço” at the Casa da Calçada hotel”
Michelin starred chefs Tiago Bonito and Ricardo Costa create an unrepeatable menu. Long time friends and professional colleagues, Tiago Bonito (Executive chef at Largo do Paço, the Michelin starred restaurant at Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux hotel) and Ricardo Costa (Executive chef at the Yeatman hotel restaurant and owner of two Michelin stars) are preparing na unprecedented gastronomic event where, for the first time, they will cook together a unique and unrepeatable menu”