"My food is sea and fire. It is a smokestack, eucalyptus, pine and vine. Flavors that I know and transport to the dishes creating experiences that appeal to all the senses ".
Tiago Bonito

New Opening Hours
From Thursday to Saturday
Open for dinner from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

On Sunday
Open for lunch from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Menu Caminhos
What does a country taste of? What flavours, aromas and textures make up its lands and seas? In the menu Caminhos, Tiago Bonito takes us through places he has been. A journey through the north, center, and south of Portugal.

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Menu Identidade
The flavours we grow up with tell stories. Of people, locations, and moments. The Portuguese cuisine forms a collective identity that speaks openly about who we are and all that we can be. Chef Tiago Bonito presents his dishes as 10 commandments where he recreates and reinvents the best of our gastronomy.

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à la carte
à la carte
The Largo do Paço menu, as well as the tasting menus, is seasonal, respecting the nobility of each product, from its selection to the care in the preparation. The Spring Letter is an Ode to the season, to the sun of our coast, to the fields in bloom and to the green pastures full of life.

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Our Wines
Quinta da Calçada has been producing wine in Amarante since 1917, making us one of the oldest producers in the Vinhos Verdes region. Here you will find the oldest certified vine of the region. At Largo do Paço you can taste our whole range of wines and get to know our history.